Unmanned Systems

Incident Command
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Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) technology is growing exponentially. In the past, UAS were most often associated with military operations but, today, UAS are used in a wide variety of critical roles in Public Safety. These range from search and rescue, overwatch, traffic monitoring, crime scene documentation, and firefighting. In order to support the expansion of this technology-driven industry, continued education, training, research, and industry collaboration is required. Recognizing this critical set of requirements, F1RST is developing a facility that features a public/private partnership delivering information and skills focused on the use of UAS in public safety.


Incident Reconstruction
Search & Rescue
Active Shooter Response
Crowd Monitoring
Emergency Operations

F1RST’s UAS programs will become a gateway for development of jobs and technology in Florida. The programs utilize hands-on instruction, development of advanced techniques and materials, and a partnership with technical experts to provide advanced training and research. F1RST’s Unmanned Systems facility creates a learning environment through partnerships with public and private institutions leading to job creation and technical UAS training for all of Florida and beyond.