Tactics & Human Performance

When security measures are circumvented, well-trained tacticians must be ready to respond. F1RST is there to ensure our first responders are prepared for the complexity of threats in today’s society. Our instructors have over 150 years of combined United States Military Special Operations experience. In addition, F1RST has partnered with D-Co, Trident Technologies and Consulting, and other tactical leadership and training companies comprised of distinguished servicemen and women from all branches of the armed forces. D-Co brings extensive experience in taking specialized military tactics proven to be effective in combat and applying them to law enforcement and first responders. At F1RST, you will receive some of the most intense tactical instruction available to first responders anywhere in the world.

As an international tactical training center, F1RST innovates the way first responders across America and the rest of the world respond to and resolve modern-day conflict and disasters. We are challenging traditional tactics and revolutionizing training in emergency response.

F1RST contains both indoor and outdoor training facilities that will allow real-world scenario-based training so tacticians can train exactly how they will be expected to respond. F1RST has two collapsed structure props (rubble piles) to help facilitate search and rescue, canine live find, and human remains detection trainings.

In addition to traditional tactics, leaders also need to emphasize human performance. People are our most precious asset as an organization. With the increasing demands being placed on law enforcement and the complexity of threats officers face on a daily basis, it is critical that they maintain an optimal level of both physical and mental performance. Human performance is more than a workout routine – it’s a methodology that focuses on developing the whole person. F1RST works with researchers and industry leaders to assist agencies in developing a human performance program with goals centered on performance optimization and readiness to perform job-related duties at the highest level. Additional goals focus on a reduction in injury rates, along with an expedited return-to-duty timeline when injury does occur. In the long-term, a strong human performance program can increase the career longevity of officers as well as their quality of life both on and off the job, pre- and post-service.

Tactical research and education programs at F1RST include:


  • Tactical planning
  • SWAT Team Operator (Basic and Advanced)
  • SWAT Command
  • SWAT Medic
  • Urban Search and Rescue (USAR)
  • Tactical Technical Rescue