Leadership Development & Innovation

In order for the mission of F1RST to be successful, we must focus on building strong leaders who can take what they’ve learned and impact their organizations, their communities, and our next generation. F1RST’s leadership and development site contains classrooms, meeting space, and will establish a leadership reaction course to support trainings in design thinking and leadership development. A leadership reaction course consists of a group of mini challenges and obstacles that require teamwork and leadership to successfully complete. It is designed to help develop decision making, adaptability, confidence, and communication. Additionally, F1RST provides leadership seminars, guided by successful key leaders from the military, law enforcement, and key, professional roles within the private sector. These leadership interactions help to solidify philosophies, methods and experiences that have aided in organizations performing better and achieving success.

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.

- John F. Kennedy

The F1RST leadership center is also home to the Pasco Sheriff’s Explorer programs and other community engagement and youth leadership programs. In partnership with agencies and organizations such as Pasco County Schools and the Boy Scouts of America, F1RST hosts camps and programs where youth can learn about careers in law enforcement, forensics, robotics, and cyber security in addition to life lessons that will prepare them for success in any profession.