Leadership Reaction Course

Building strong leaders is essential to the success any organization and is important part of FIRST. Our focus is those who can take what they’ve learned and impact their organizations, their communities, and the next generation. FIRST’s leadership and development facilities will contain classrooms, meeting space, and a leadership reaction course (LRC) to support training in design thinking and leadership development. The concept of a LRC is for individuals to demonstrate abilities in decision making, adaptability, confidence, and clearly delivering instructions. All of these qualities can be demonstrated without successfully finishing an obstacle.

The FIRST LRC will consist of 10 different stations, each obstacle is designed to test participants mentally and physically by forcing them to work together as a team to reach their end result. Participants will be exposed to a carefully planned series of challenges in an environment that is free of the trappings of the workplace. The experiences are structured to demand practical solutions rather than theoretical ones. Mistakes can be made safely, in a way that contributes to the learning experience. Participants must demonstrate teamwork and initiative as well as good judgment while negotiating the obstacles. Tailored exercises help facilitators to provide feedback to their participants regarding their strengths, weaknesses, techniques and ability to adapt to complex and difficult challenges. Establishing an environment of teamwork predicated upon trust is critical for organizations to succeed. Without it, productivity fades in turn causing companies to lose business and personnel.

The LRC at FIRST will be built by Adventure Mas, an award-winning, adventure-based company with more than 35 years’ experience in the industry. Members of the company trained both in the military and law enforcement. Their experience and backgrounds give them a unique and personal insight into the construction of training associated with leadership reaction courses.

For more information, please email: betheFIRST@floridafirsttraining.org